Industrial Parts Washers and Deburring Systems

Industry-leading technology and equipment ready to be configured to your specific environment and cleanliness requirements. Our reputation in industrial parts washing and deburring is built on strong customer partnerships and the experience that comes with hundreds of successful installations around the world.
Valiant TMS - Automotive Powertrain - Transmission Components - ValuFlex® Robotic Flexible Washer

ValuFlex® Robotic Washers

Build a configuration that fits your environment.

Power, filtration and process modules can be installed in a single cluster or connected from a distance to integrate into available space.* The modular design adapts to various configurations and load/unload options. The ValuFlex® Washer was developed with a focus on usability; it provides easy and safe maintenance access, a clear view into the wash and dry process as well as streamlined controls.

*Maximum distance and module orientation varies by application.

ValuFlex® RM Type-1 Robotic Washer

365现金足球网Robot-manipulated spray nozzle around part


A dynamic fixture positions and rotates the part within a wash halo while a robot-mounted Water Hammer® spray nozzle takes aim at specific holes and features in this thorough cleaning process.


A fixture spins the part in an isolated dry chamber while air knives remove moisture, preparing the part for the next manufacturing process. Additional modules such as spin and vacuum dry can be added to achieve specific requirements.

Water Hammer®

The ultimate all-in-one.

Our patented Water Hammer® nozzle technology is the ultimate all-in-one cleaning tool. Equipped with a PLC-controlled spray pattern and optional pulse capability, this nozzle excels at both general washing and high pressure deburring.

Valiant TMS - Automotive Powertrain - Crankshaft - ValuFlex® Robotic Flexible Washer - Wash Station with Water Hammer Nozzle

ValuFlex® RM Type-2 Robotic Washer

365现金足球网Robot-manipulated part against fixed spray nozzles


A robot manipulates the part around a fixed Water Hammer® spray nozzle, targeting specific areas. Additional wash tooling, such as wash halo’s and rotary heads, can be installed to achieve optimal results.


A robot rotates the part to drain excess water before maneuvering it in front of high pressure air knives to remove moisture. Additional drying modules and cooling tunnels can be added to achieve specific results.

Robotic Flexible Washers

Compact Sized Parts

I3, I4, V6 Block, Head, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Valve Body, Solenoid Body, Transmission Parts, etc.

  • ValuFlex® RC Washer
  • ValuFlex® RC Type-1 Washer
  • ValuFlex® RFT Washer

Medium Sized Parts

V6, V8, I6 Block, Head, Transmission Case, Converter Housing, etc.

  • ValuFlex® RM Washer
  • ValuFlex® RM Type-2 Washer

Large Sized Parts

V6, V8, I6 Diesel Engine and Transmission Parts, etc.

  • ValuFlex® RL Type-2 Washer
  • ValuFlex® RL Type-3 Washer

CNC Washers

365现金足球网Block, Head, Transmission, etc.

  • ValuFlex® R-CNC Washer
  • ValuFlex® Index CNC Washer
  • ValuFlex® IFW CNC Washer

Non-Robotic Washers

Block, Head, Transmission, etc.

  • ValuFlex® CC Inline Washer
  • ValuFlex® C Washer
  • ValuFlex® Flush Washer

Specialty Washers

365现金足球网Point of Use

  • ValuFlex® CC CMM Washer
  • ValuFlex® Pallet Washer
  • ValuFlex® Rotary Washer


  • Water Hammer® Pulse Nozzle
  • 360° Probe
  • Injection Flood Wash
  • Rotary Manifold
  • Aqua Cannon®
  • Mini Cannon™
  • High Pressure Aqueous Deburr
  • Brush Deburr
  • Robot Flex Tool
  • Spin Dry™
  • Vacuum Dry
  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Hydro-Skim™ Oil Separator
  • Mist Recirculation

Product Experience

  • Castings / Cast Parts
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Crankshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Electric Motor Stator Housing
  • Transmission Case
  • Converter Housing
  • Valve Body
  • Solenoid Body
  • Pump Housing
  • Gears
  • Axle Housing
  • Aircraft Engine Components
  • and more…

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